Sony SS-C600AV Classics

Sony SS-C600AV Classics

Designer: Seth24

Project Category
Tower Speakers

Project Level

Project Time
1-8 Hours

Project Cost
Under $100

Project Description
These are the prime of classic 90s style tower speakers featuring what used to be a simple 3-way speaker system with a 3″ tweeter, 4″ mid and a 12″ woofer with a 12″ passive radiator. I bought these Sony SS-C600AV towers with rotted foam surrounds for a new overhaul.

Will add more photos.

Design Goals
My design goals are to restore that 90s style and large big and bold sound using brand new hardware, I went ahead and selected the new woofers as these enclosures will now house twin active 12″ woofers but needed to make sure the correct volume of the enclosure would match the woofer’s recommended volume.

Driver Selection
The drivers I have selected are the Buyout WP-1240 12″ poly cone and foam surround woofers, with having a recommended sealed volume of 1.13 cubic feet, my Sony enclosures I calculated 2.26 cubic feet perfect for twin sealed 12s tuned for 60 Hz.

Enclosure Design
Back in the 90s, Sony’s line of tower speakers like the lesser common SS-C600AV is a stereo system perfect for that untimate house party, they are massive, very bold and aggressive looking with excellent sound quality to back it up.

Crossover Design

The crossover will be a simple 10 micro farad capacitor tied for the midrange and a 30 ohm resistor for the horn to ensure amplifier stability and avoid burnout, I won’t be using any low pass filters on the woofers as by themselves deliver that low end and midbass to my liking.

Tips & Tricks
When using piezo tweeters, be advised they often require power resistors, always ask the tech department about piezo tweeters.

These revived and better versions of the SS-C600AV speakers is a prime candidate coupled with these 12″ woofers, can’t find any other woofer at this price range to be anymore perfect. All Factory Buyout drivers from woofers, mids and tweeters can bring back your classic speakers or create new ones.

About the Designer
I have been passionate about theory of audio reproduction and building my own speaker systems, amplifiers, power distribution and all other audio related activities


Project Parts List

WP-1240-4 12″ Poly Cone Woofer with Foam Surround 4 Ohm


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    It have these same speakers that I bought in 1990. They have seen better days. Going to replace the 4 drivers and see if they can be as they once were.

  2. 3

    I just bought a set of speakers on Kijiji, 2 towers, 1 center, 2 bipolar surrounds. The towers are almost identical to these, except they are 270watt c720av and they have a bottom plate, and the tweeters aren’t horn tweeters. I am sort of new to home audio, so I can’t give you a better descrition than that, sorry. I just bought a Denon AVRS750H and wanted to quickly grab some speakers just to hear some sound. I also have a Harmon Kardon AVR-230 receiver which I got in trade for an old router and 60 bucks. I have installed car audio over the years, but I am mainly computer tech, build repair phones, tablets etc as well. I don’t want to lose out on the potential I have here, so I could really use some guidance if you or anyone in your sphere could be so kind as to shoot me an email and allow me to benefit a little from your wealth of experience and knowledge in this newly shared interest? Either way, thanks for sharing.

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    Robert McFee

    I built a similar set based on your project but I used a pair of SS-U311AV towers that the foam surrounds were shot and used a pair of GRS 10SW-4’s and a pair of EARTHQUAKE SLAPS M10 Passive Radiators with a 67 gram washer stuck to the back of each passive. These things hit hard and the passives extend the low end alot more than I expected. Thank u for building ur towers it helped me in building mine. Total cost involved in mine was a little over $300 with the cost of the towers included.

  4. 5

    What is a replacement for these speakers? wp-1240-4 12″ poly cone woofer with foam surround 4 ohm. I left the comment from April 2019. One of the speakers are dead (foam around the speaker is dead). One of them still works and I would like to keep them.

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