Designer: Get Wired

Project Time: 20+ hours
Project Complexity: Hobbyist
Project Cost: $500-$1000

Driver Selection
I chose Goldwood drivers. The tweeters were GT-525 8ohm 1″ domes. The mids were GW-6pc 4ohm 6.5″ .The sub was a GW-15pc 8ohm. they complimented each other visually and acoustically.

Enclosure Design
The outer dimensions are 5ft tall, 2ft wide, and 13in deep. The 15″ sub is in a 4cu ft ported enclosure tuned to 40 hz. The upper 3cu ft chamber for the eight 6.5″ drivers and the tweeters is sealed.

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration
I found a a pair of stereo lab speakers, free on the sidewalk, and took the threeway crossovers out of them. I don’t know the crossover points but they work well . I’m running them with a Sony 100watt stereo receiver, not a surround sound receiver. Half volume is very loud.

Enclosure Assembly
I used four 4X8 sheets of MDF a bunch of carpet and I purchased all the hardware and terminals from Parts Express.

I’m very happy with the way they turned out. They have a very warm sound to them. I keep them in my shop because my wife said she’d move out if I brought them into the house. Thats a good thing to know.

About The Designer
My interest in electronics began around age 12. I worked as a car stereo/alarm installer in my twentys, and owned my own Car stereo Home theater business in my thirties. I sold my business and now do repairs on electronics and home ac wiring.

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