Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors

Vova Hodosh

Project Category:
Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
20+ Hours

Project Cost:
Over $1,000

Project Description:
2 way bookshelf speakers Bi-Amped with active crossover and speaker protection circuit. and power supply ( all external )

Design Goals:
will serve me as my main studio monitors , with uniform frequency response and a range of 20 kHz-50Hz

Driver Selection:

Morel TiW 638Ft Part # 297-101
Morel CAT 308 Part # 277-082

Enclosure Design:
For the design of the box i used the recommendation of part express site Optimum Cabinet Size for sealed box and the help of .BassBox 6 Pro. The box made from 19mm birch ( all sides) and glued together. the drivers are flush mounted. the desing plan made with the help of sketchup program.

Enclosure Assembly:
The design plan I sent to a Langer who prepared a CNC machine plan.

Crossover Design:
I chose to go Bi- Amp so i ordered 4X QUAD 405 clone amp kits ( Class AB ) from ebay. for the crossover i chose a 4th order linkwitz riley active crossover that i ordered from Elliott Sound Products and added to all this , speaker protection kit ( as well from ebay )

happy to say that for my first project i get better result than i expected. compare them in pro studio acoustic environment with YAMAHA NS10M and got overall good feedbacks from the house technicians. made some measurements ( frequency response graphs included)

About the Designer:
Student graduate of sound engineering

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    Well im new to this so forgive me if my question is a bit off. If you had over a $1000 in these for parts, I can assume then it was not about the money but the challenge to do it and do it well. I just bought a set of Mackie MR8’s series 2. And Im amazed at the quality of these. They play loud and clean and fill my entire shop with a full sound stage that I still cant believe is coming from a two way with an 8 inch woofer. my shop is 40 x 50 and I have them about 6 ft off the ground and 15ft apart. I set them on a 3 layer closed cell dense foam mat, with a surround backing as well. every time i turn them on and let them play i find myself going over and turning them up a little bit at a time until they end up very loud. They just keep sounding better and better the louder i play them. I would love to hear the ones you built. If they produce the kind of quality sound the money would suggest, I can only imagine how nice they sound. Anyway, sorry to get off track there. I guess my question is, is that why you built them was to see how well you could do.? Or did you have some thing specific in mind you were trying to find out or achieve. ? Rather than just buy a set and save 5 – 6 hundred bucks.

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