SUG2-25 Coaxial Bookshelfs

SUG2-25 Coaxial Bookshelfs

Matt Parker

Project Category:
Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
I built Tang Band’s recommended enclosure for this driver, called the SUG2-25.

Design Goals:
I needed a nice set of bookshelf speakers to start my DIY 5.1 system in a new house. I have space limitations due to the amount of woodwork and built-in shelves / cabinets in the living room. My wife is particular about aesthetics so I needed a pretty driver and cabinet.

Driver Selection:
I really enjoy Tang Band drivers and I’ve always been super curious about the Tang Band W6-2313 6-1/2″ Coaxial Full-Range Woofer 264-9002. It was a natural fit for the space, look, and sound (on paper).

Enclosure Design:
I used the recommended design from Tang Band, SUG2-25. Had to modify the port a bit to work with the Precision Port 3″ Flared Port Tube Kit 268-350 from PE, but it worked.

Enclosure Assembly:
Very straightforward box build – solid 4/4 box with 8/4 baffle. I cut the curve in the baffle with a bandsaw and sanded out imperfections. Bracing per the documented design from Tang Band. Increasing port diameter meant I needed to increase length, too, which means I had to bend the port and use PVC parts w/ kit flares. Challenging but worth it.

Crossover Design:
2nd order linkwitz-riley at 3k

Its beautiful aesthetically – everyone loves them. Sound is good, not great, but I do not have ideal placement figured out yet. Need to get some measurements ASAP.

About the Designer:
I’m a woodworker and I love audio.

Project Parts List:

Tang Band W6-2313 6-1/2″ Coaxial Full-Range Woofer


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