super CHEAP tweeters

super CHEAP tweeters


Project Category:
Freestyle Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
1-8 Hours

Project Cost:
Under $100

Project Description:
super CHEAP tweeters

Design Goals:
Had a High School area “party” speaker that has kicked around for (gulp) since the mid 1970″s. Pulled it off a self in the garage were it has sat since I bought my house. I needed a speaker for Beta testing a new amp & thought I should see if still was serviceable. It was – but no real upper frequency.

Driver Selection:
2 – 2′ X 5″ Piezo Horn Tweeters


Enclosure Design:
design follows function.

Enclosure Assembly:
Scrape plywood & rough sawn red oak packing lumber used.

Crossover Design:
high pass resistor (as suggested in a customer product review).

Tips & Tricks:
Nothing tricky at all, I have no skill as a cabinet maker. I did lay out the lumber to match the grain on the front “nose” of the enclosure, happy with that detail.

Works as anticipated, improved the overall sound – appropriate for this application. I think the binder posts & brass screws were the most expensive component.

About the Designer:
Enthusiastic hobbyist. Nice too see an idea go from a sketch on the back of an envelope into useful function.

Project Parts List:

GRS PZ1016 2″ x 5″ Piezo Horn Tweeter Similar to KSN1016A
GRS PZ1016 2″ x 5″ Piezo Horn Tweeter Similar to KSN1016A
20 Ohm 20W Resistor Wire Wound
Gold Binding Post Banana Jack Pair Extra Long Shaft with Solder Tabs

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