Tang Band 1808 Open Baffle

Tang Band 1808 Open Baffle


Project Category:
Tower Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
This is a highly modified discarded Zen OB cabinet with a modified side fire 12 inch sub.

Design Goals:
I always liked the TB 1808 and love open baffle sound. To fill the low end, I knew I would need to add a sub of some sorts. You could include any of the easily accessible 12’s.

Driver Selection:
Tang Band 1808
GR Research 12, with PEQ 370 amplifier

Enclosure Design:
OB upper, with a sealed lower 1.75 cubic foot cabinet.

Enclosure Assembly:
Front baffle is 6/4s maple boards laminated together and screwed to the back box. The side fire is in a 3/4 mdf box with a 1.5 inch side baffle. The amp is cut in to the back of the lower chamber.

Crossover Design:
None, but I built modified amp/rca high pass filers specific to my amplifiers ohm rating.

Tips & Tricks:
Take your time.

Products Used:
Tang Band 1808 Part # 264-894
and 12 inch with plate amp

Great combination of drivers with the ability through the plate amp to bring the lower woofer up to meet the ob full range driver.

About the Designer:
I get bored, love to build, then sell, then build something else..

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    I want to use this driver by itself and mount it on an open baffle board. I plan to use it on some stands. What size should the baffle board be?
    Thanks in advance.

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