Tang Band Dual 5″

Designer: European Bob

Project Time: 1-8 hours
Project Complexity: Professional
Project Cost: Under $100

Driver Selection
2-Tang Band W5-1138SM 5.25″

Enclosure Design
Series-tuned vented. Dual chamber design with 3 ports.

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration
Amplifier and crossover all external.

Enclosure Assembly
Built using .75″ particle board. I am not a huge fan of MDF because of the tedious work of pre-drilling and applying the proper torque on the screws, countersinking, etc. Most people will whine about this, however the amount and placement of the ports provide more than adequate bracing and sonic deadness of the enclosure. Strong enough to support me, 185lbs, standing and jumping on the box. Could hold an elephant. 1-5/8 screws attaching all with clear silicon at all connections and seams. 1/2″ round over on the ports. Finished with automotive carpet.

Tested against 2-10″ Kenwood Excelon subwoofers in a sealed enclosure and 1- circa 1998 JL Audio 15W3-D2 (real American made JL) vented Prowedge enclosure. This box on equal power was substantially louder and had more fidelity than the Kenwood woofers and was at the least even money with the JL on almost all program material except for sub 40Hz material.

About The Designer
I try to do more with less. I have a passion for trying to extract large and mind-blowing output from small drivers. I am a firm believer that the enclosure is 90% and the driver is 10%. And most of my designs prove it, if you want to trade air volume for it.

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