The Blue Ring of Bass

Designer: JLar

Project Time: 1-8 hours
Project Complexity: Hobbyist
Project Cost: $500-$1000

Driver Selection
I used the Dayton Titanic MKIII 15″ subwoofer with the Dayton SA1000 rack amp and black 3.0 cu. ft. enclosure. It all goes through my Denon receiver plus 7″ speakers I also custom built.

Enclosure Design
Since I bought an enclosure instead of custom made one, it had the pre-cut hole in the back for a plate amp. So I had a piece of plexiglass custom made from Tap Plastics to fit into the hole allowing me to wire LEDs onto the inside of the enclosure as well as see the back of the subwoofer from the back of the enclosure.

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration

Enclosure Assembly
I shaped the hole in the back of the enclosure with a Dremel rotary tool so my custom cut piece of plexiglass would fit into it snuggly. I also picked up a terminal cup that fit into the plexiglass.

I am very satisfied with the finish product and its performance. The best way to annoy your parents before you go to college is bump a 15 upstairs making the whole house rattle! The lights I added add a really cool effect too and go nicely with my LED speakers I also built allowing me and my friends to have mini raves in my room. LEDs flash when amplifier sends power to sub or when bass hits.

Project Parts List

Dayton Audio TIT400C-4 15″ Titanic Mk III Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Dayton Audio SWC-3CO 3.0 ft³ Subwoofer Cabinet with Cutouts

Dayton Audio SA1000 Subwoofer Amplifier Rack Mountable

Dayton Audio DSS4-CH Chrome Speaker Spike Set 4 Pcs.

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