The Sound Transformer

The Sound Transformer


Max Audio

Project Category:
Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level


Project Time:

8-20 Hours

Project Cost:



Project Description:

Self powered 200 watt Bluetooth CPU 3.5 input.

Design Goals:
Great sound with selective budget drivers and class D Amp

Driver Selection:

Vistion 8” SVC 4 ohm
2 PRV Audio 4” midrange
2 Peerless ring tweeters

Enclosure Design

8” 300 hz down vented enclosure 6 db
4 “ mids 300hz to 3000khz 6 db
Ring tweeters 3000khz 12 db

Crossover Design:

300 hz down sun 300to3 kHz midrange 6 db
Ring tweeters 3khz up 12 db

Tips & Tricks:

Max output of Amp with full voltage requirements and use of 4 ohm sub to achieve the max output of the class D 100 watts. Then 50 watts to each of the removal satellite mid and tweeter acrylic pods.


Fantastic sound for a budget build and 200 watts of get down!

About the Designer:
Audio Junkie that loves excellent sound and the use of budget drivers to get it done…would love to get a matching pair of Tweeters for $400. Would love to hear the difference between $100 pair and $400 a pair…I’ll treat myself one of these years…maybe

Project Parts List:

N/AVistion 8” SVC 4 ohm1
N/APRV Audio 4” midrange2
N/APeerless ring tweeters2

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