Towers of Awesome

Towers of Awesome


Project Category:
Tower Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
towers are made out of 3/4″ mdf and are glued and screwed together.housing three 8″ goldwood heavy duty midrange speakers and one 1″ typhany silk dome tweeter.its a 2 way setup and i am using a dayton 4500hz crossover.the towers are ported, each has two 2″ ports that are 5 1/2″ long. they have gold plate terminal cups and rubber cabinet feet. they stand 38″ tall and are 15 1/2″ deep and 10″ wide. finished in black duratex. they are wired to 6 ohms each

Design Goals:
build amazing sounding and powerful tower speakers. that look good as well

Driver Selection:
6 goldwood heavy duty 8″ mids

Enclosure Design:
3/4″ mdf
38″ tall
15 1/2″ deep
10″ wide
2 2″ ports 5 11/2″ long in each tower

Enclosure Assembly:
glued and screwed together

Crossover Design:
dayton 4500hz crossover in each tower

Parts Used:
6 heavy duty 8″ mids
2 ¬†1″ silk dome tweeters
2 dayton audio 4500hz crossovers
4 port tubes
8 cabinet feet
duratex black
speaker grill cloth
speaker grill mounting hardware

amazing sound and great looking.

About the Designer:
love building speakers, been doing it for a few years now. it is just a on going evolving thing. plus you learn as you go and get better and better.


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    I usually don’t outright criticize some anonymous person, but I have to say something about this build.
    This is a textbook example of everything NOT to do in a speaker design.
    – using an off the shelf crossover is a BIG no no for any sort of good quality sound
    – the crossover frequency is far too high for an 8” driver
    – way undersized ports for the triple woofers
    – extremely far center to center spacing between the woofer and tweeters
    – 3 woofers cause amp load problems due to strange combined impedance
    I strongly do not recommend anyone copying this build.

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