Designer: Charlie Budinger

Project Time: 20+ Hours
Project Complexity: Advanced
Project Cost: $100 – $500

Project Description
MTM ported 2 way time aligned 4th order crossover at 1700Hz. 3.5 ohm at lowest point around 10kHz

Design Goals
Modify a DIY project for modern day woofers with deep baskets, woofer crossover mounted on rear outside of enclosure, and tweeter crossover behind tweeter in a sealed chamber

Driver Selection
SB woofers Vifa tweeter

Decent low end output out of a reasonably sized box. Clean highs due to physical alignment of drivers and low cross of 1700Hz. Foam bits around tweeter reduced some baffle diffraction problems.

About the Designer
I have been building hobby loudspeakers for about 35 years. This was my first competition. I’ll be back next year for more speaker fun!

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