Virtual Pipe Organ Sound System

Virtual Pipe Organ Sound System

Scott Reaser

Project Category:

Project Level:

Project Time:
20+ Hours

Project Cost:
$500 – $1,000

Project Description:
Sound system for Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ conversion of Wicks Opus 6028 1985 Console. Twin ported tone cabinets with electronic crossover and plate amps.

Design Goals:
Covers 16Hz to 18Kz capturing the shake of pedal pipes and bark of horizontal trumpets.

Driver Selection:
This is a biamped system. Woofers are Dayton Series II ST 385-8 (15 inch) #295-130. H.F. drivers are Pyle Pro Audio PDB512 bolt on units #292-2546. Exponential horns are Dayton H812 #270-304.

Enclosure Design:
Ported tone cabinets are resonated at 16.3 Hz with 4 inch Precision Flared Ports #268-352

Enclosure Assembly:
Enclosures are made from 6 pieces each of 2 x 4 x 3/4 MDF. Front and back are full size pieces. Sides are trimmed 3 inches in depth. The bottom matches size of vertical parts. The top has a 3/4 inch overhand, and is cove-routed to match console trim pattern. Battens are 1 x 2 inch (nominal) stock.

Crossover Design:
This is a 4 channel system using Linkwitz-Riley 4th order crossover set at 1 Khz. Audio kits EC-24. Tone cabinet plate amps are dual mono amp LM-3886 kits from Chipamp. Torroid power transformers are Avel Y236652 250VA units #122-625.
Sound is generated from the custom computer units hosting Hauptwerk with a M-Audio 2496 low latency stereo sound card.

Tips & Tricks:
MDF finishes to look like hardwood by first doing dry brush streaks with a dark oil stain (MinWax Dark Walnut 2716). This is followed by an overall coat of MinWax Red Walnut 225. Final appearance comes from 3 coats of MinWax water based gloss urethane varnish.

The tone cabinets capture the presence and tonal range of a pipe organ as envisioned.

About the Designer:
Retired Skunk Works aerodynamics engineer.

Project Parts List:

Dayton Audio ST385-8 15″ Series II Woofer
Dayton Audio H812 1″ Exponential Horn 100×60 2-Bolt
Pyle PDB512 1″ Titanium Horn Driver 8 Ohm 2/3-Bolt
Precision Port 4″ Flared Speaker Cabinet Port Tube Kit
Avel Lindberg Y236652 250VA 25V+25V Toroidal Transformer
Penn-Elcom 5291 2″ Swivel Caster
MDF 2x4x3/4 sheets 12 total
M-Audio 2496 low latency stereo sound card
Audio Kits EC-24 stereo 4th order electronic crossover
Chipamp LM3886 mono amp kits (4), power supplies (2)

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