Rebuild Pioneer CS-88A’s

Rebuild Pioneer CS-88A’s

James Audio

Project Category:

Project Level:

Project Time:
20+ Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
To make a good sounding speakers out of nice cabinets and deteriorating drivers.

Design Goals:
Rebuild with new drivers.

Driver Selection:
New 12″ woofer 51/4 Mid and 2inch Phenolic Ring tweeter.

Enclosure Design:
Original Pioneer CS-88A design

Enclosure Assembly:
Routed new front panel and recessed speakers flush with face.

Crossover Design:
Original 4 way crossover. Using it as a 3 way. All caps were changed to Dayton Film Caps.

Tips & Tricks:
Don’t try restoring the old original speakers. I did. There 50 years old and didn’t sound that good Cost me a lot of money to try, and ended selling them on Ebay for a loss.

They sound great. Cabinets weight a ton and the are bullet proof. They can really thump.

About the Designer:
Retired and know enough to be dangerous.

Project Parts List:

Pyle PDMR5 5″ Sealed Back Midrange Speaker Driver


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    These look great, and I’ll bet they sound even better. The old real wood cabinets that new speakers rarely, if ever, have are my favorites. I have something similar I’ve had on my “to do” list since I retired. This inspires me to get them done! I wish build details were available, especially the front panel routing.

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    I have the CS88 s as well. I could do this speaker upgrade but I can’t solder caps. Not my thing. So……not sure a speaker exchange would really work. My old 50 year old paper cones are not great at this point.

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