Tacklebox Tunebox

Tacklebox Tunebox

Matt Hickey

Project Category:
Home Electronics

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
Turned a old Plano tackle box into a portable music player for my Nephew Jack. Battery lasts for days and stores a bunch of tackle.

Design Goals:
Fun, portable and functional tackle box that plays tunes. Support Bluetooth, SD and FM radio.

Driver Selection:
Quam 30C25Z8OT 3″ Moisture Resistant Speaker 8 Ohm
Part # 244-3222

Enclosure Design:
Plano Tackebox

Enclosure Assembly:
Cut front holes for speaker and MP3 module with Dremel. Mounted Amp center with custom volume knob. Built simple enclosure out of acrylic sheets to protect components

Crossover Design:
Single mono water resistant driver

Tips & Tricks:
-Get everything wired and working during mock up.
-Cutting and drilling the acrylic for the bottom enclosure was a major pain and I cracked a few sheets.
-Cut the head off a lure to make a custom volume knob.

Sound is decent especially with box closed. Had to sacrifice some space in bottom tray but top is fully functional. Nephew loved it.

About the Designer:
Maker and Software Sales Engineer

Project Parts List:

Low Voltage Mono Audio Amplifier Board NJM386D LM386 – Ideal for Battery Operation
12 VDC Bluetooth 4.0 FM Radio MP3 WAV FLAC Audio Preamp Board with Function Cables and Remote
Quam 30C25Z8OT 3″ Moisture Resistant Speaker 8 Ohm

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